June 24, 2011

Language of Gems

I have known some well known gems but I didn't know that it has language in it. So when I came across in one of my readings, I just would like to share it with my readers on my blog. This can help you choose what kind of gems you like to give to someone dear to you.

Magical properties were ascribed to gems in antiquity, and they have come to symbolize the corresponding emotions or intentions, and so have been used to convey messages as presents. They are as follows:

Agate - insures health, long life and prosperity.
Amethyst - prevents violent passions (drunkenness).
Beryl - symbolizes eternal youth and happiness.
Bloodstone - denotes steadfast affection, courage and wisdom.
Carnelian - a charm against misfortune.
Cats-eye - warns against danger and trouble.
Chalcedony - drives away sadness.
Diamond - signifies purity, maintains peace.

To be continued . . .

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