June 29, 2011

How I was able to go to College (cont'n.)

Before the examination, it was announced that the result will be posted at the bulletin board at the lobby of the school at 7 p.m. I waited until in the evening. When I looked at the bulletin board, I saw my name. I was number three. I really can't believe I passed the examination. Deep in my heart I was so very happy. I was thinking that this scholarship will gave me an opportunity to experience things in life in a broader sense. Then the next day, we were called by the staff of the Ministry of Industry. We were told of our training in Manila. It is their policy that the scholars will be trained first of how to make a project feasibility study before they are fielded. We were trained for one month. After the training, my first assignment was in Lucena City until I graduated from college in March 1979. I earned the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting. I was awarded Magna Cum Laude. This is because I did a good performance when I was a scholar. After my graduation, I went back to finish my contract with the Ministry of Industry and was assigned in Iligan City. I did not renew my contract and I went home to Bohol to seek for another greener pasture.

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