June 10, 2011

Fitness and Healthy Living Part 5

Salt and Sodium – Moderation Again

Guideline 6 – Choose a diet moderate in salts, ie sodium.

Sodium is a nutrient and a natural part of many foods. Salt is made of sodium and chloride. As nutrients, sodium and chloride help the body maintain fluid balance and regulate blood pressure. So why the guideline?

Some people have blood pressure that is sodium sensitive. For them, a high sodium intake, along with obesity, heredity, or getting older, contributes to high blood pressure. Reducing sodium and salt intake reduces the risk of high blood pressure for them. Moderation is wise for everyone, because most of us do not know if our blood pressure is sodium-sensitive or not. It is therefore advisable to consume moderate amounts of sodium salt and enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables. Use herbs and spices to flavor food instead. We have to read the sodium information on food labels.

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