June 5, 2011

Fitness and Healthy Living Part 1

Look at other people. Everybody needs the same nutrients-just in different amounts. Age, gender and body size are among the reasons why nutrient needs differ. Children and teenagers, for example, need more of some nutrients because they are growing. Pregnancy and breastfeeding increase the demand for most nutrients and energy. And men often need more of most nutrients because their bodies are typically larger than those of most women.

Food Choices: To Your Health!

Healthful eating is one of our best personal investments!

What’s the secret to healthful eating? It’s no secret at all-just solid advice. Enjoy an eating plan with most of your energy, or calories, from grain products, vegetables, fruits, reduced- fat milk products, lean meat, fish, poultry, and legumes. Consume less energy, or calories, from fats and sweets.

The Dietary Guidelines

Based on my readings, the dietary guidelines sum up what we need to know to eat for health and fitness. In 7 statements, they describe food choices that can help us meet these needs and get enough, but not too much, of the nutrients and energy our body needs. They encourage us to choose meals and snacks that help us maintain, even improve, our health. By following this advice, we will reduce our risk for many common health problems. The Dietary Guidelines apply to all healthy persons ages 2 and over. Here’s what they advise.

Food Variety – A Priority!

Guideline 1 – Eat a variety of foods

Eating a variety of foods is the key to enjoying the many tastes of food and to good nutrition and good health. Each day our body needs the nutrients and other healthful substances that only variety of foods can provide. Most foods and beverages have more than one nutrient. But no one food has them all.

The Morning Glory Flower in my backyard.

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