June 21, 2011

Common Causes of Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies

  • Poor diet due to:
  1. Poverty, famine, war.
  2. Ignorance, erroneous food belief.
  3. Emotional disturbances.
  4. Alcoholism.
  5. Bad eating habits, poor appetite, incomplete diet (e.g. weight-reducing diet).
  6. Illness.
  7. Increase in nutritional requirements (e.g. due to pregnancy).
  8. Toothlessness.
  • Inefficient absorption of vitamins and minerals (e.g. due to intestinal, liver, or other disorders).
  • Certain medicines which interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Frequent eating of raw egg whites over a long period. Raw egg whites contain a substance which interferes with the absorption of biotin.
  • Prolonged antibiotic treatment, which destroys the intestinal bacteria that produce vitamin K.
  • Too little exposure to sunlight, which may lead to vitamin D deficiency.

What you can do:
  • Consult a doctor if you suspect vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Take the vitamin and mineral supplements recommended by the doctor. Do not take more than your body needs, as an overdose may be harmful.

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