June 13, 2011

Care for dry skin

Quite a lot of people complain that they have dry, rough skin. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Strong soaps, not drinking enough water and an air-conditioned environment all dehydrate the skin.
Using very hot water to bathe also causes skin dryness. To prevent this, you should use lukewarm water only when showering. You should also avoid using too strong a soap. Try to use one which is pH balanced. You can also apply an emollient cream to hydrate the skin.
To have soft, fresh skin remove the outer layer of dead skin cells by rubbing a loofah or washcloth in circular motions on your skin. This is called exfoliation.
Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water: at least six to eight glasses per day.
Cut down on tea, coffee and alcohol, which can cause water loss through an increase in urination.
Allergies, hormonal imbalances, infection or stress can also cause skin disorders. Consult your doctor especially if there is any abnormal bruising or also if suspicious moles appear.
Having enough sleep is very important for the skin. It is during our sleep that our skin regenerates itself.
Always remember to remove makeup before going to bed.
Another skincare tip is to exercise frequently. Exercise makes skin glow by encouraging blood circulation and increasing the oxygen supply. People who exercise regularly have better skin tone and texture and fewer wrinkles.

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