June 2, 2011

About Nutrients

Hi Everybody!

I was not able to post any blog during the last few days because one main line of the telephone cables which connect to our telephone line were stolen in our area. Thanks that the telephone company fixed it immediately.

My last post was about nutrition. I know that we already have a lot of knowledge about this. But I think it is nice to have some refresher course. As I go along with my write up here, I am also learning at the same time as there are things also which I do not know. Here, I will be posting in detail as much as possible the things which I want to convey to the readers so that they can also learn something out of this post.


During digestion, it is said that food is broken down into nutrients, which are absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to every cell of your body, where the major workload of body functions occur. More than 40 nutrients in food are classified into six groups. Although each nutrient has a specific and unique function to perform, they work in partnership for your good health.

Now let’s talk about Carbohydrates. There are two types: Complex carbohydrates (starches) and sugars. Did you know that another type of carbohydrate is Fiber. It has been known that fiber aids digestion and offers protection from some diseases. However, even though fiber is important to health, it is not a nutrient since it is not digested and absorbed into the body.

The beautiful main altar at the St. Catherine"s Cathedral
in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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