May 25, 2011

A Wonderful Experience

We went to Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines to visit the parish of St. Monica together with my two friends. We never knew that they have their reconstruction of the church. We went inside and we saw the workers busy constructing the skeleton of the ceiling of the church. The right wing has been completed already as we can no longer see the skeleton portion. The ceiling has been covered with a big painting of the Blessed Mother. One of the priest who is assigned in this parish is a good friend of mine. He toured us to one of the rooms where painting work for the covering of the ceiling were done. We were surprised because we thought that the material being used for the covering of the ceiling is the plywood. Instead, they are using the plain galvanized iron (G.I. sheet). We were more amazed because the painting on the G.I. sheets looks like very antique in appearance. We cannot easily differentiate it with the old painting which are just placed beside it . The artist showed us his finished work like the picture of St. Roque and St. Joseph. We all admired his work because it's really beautiful. I asked the artist where he got his studies in painting. He told me he studied in Barcelona, Spain. He did his painting work in Barcelona, Spain for 30 years. I told him, so you are still young when you went there. He told me in response that he was 23 years when he started painting at that time. No wonder he got a very nice work. I told him, we will hire him for painting work as soon as we finished constructing our chapel. After our conversation, we were brought outside the church and we see a big area of banana plantation . To our amazement, it is owned by the parish. I have just known that the said parish has a big area of land. Supposedly I have still many things to discover. In as much as we were in a hurry to catch up the 12 noon mass at the cathedral in Tagbilaran City, I told the priest who is a friend of mine that we have to leave early. We thanked him for such a wonderful experience.

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