May 20, 2011

Some tips to prevent stroke

I would like to share with the readers regarding my researches how we educate ourselves regarding stroke prevention. I have only a little knowledge about this sickness until my brother was attack by an ischemic stroke while he was on board an international ship. He is under medication until now and having his physical therapy thrice a week in one of our local hospitals. Based on my readings, the primary prevention of stoke includes: Maintaining an ideal body weight, Maintaining safe cholesterol levels, Smoking cessation, Reducing alcohol consumption and eliminating illicit drug use. Secondary prevention includes: Adequate blood pressure control, Care of diabetes mellitus, and treatment of cardiovascular disease, transient ischemic attacks and atrial fibrillation.

According to the book I've read, advancing age is one of the most significant risk factors for stroke. The incidence of stroke in men is higher than that of women. Family history of stroke also increases one's risk for stroke.


  1. Our family have history of stroke. As much as avoid eating fatty foods and foods that are high in cholesterol...

  2. Hope your brother's fine now. Thanks for sharing.