May 23, 2011

Some readings about Cataract

I am also concerned about my friends' situation after the cataract removal from her two eyes. I become interested of what are the causes of this type of disease so at least in one way or another we can avoid it. As a result of my readings, I would like to share some of the risk factors . It was said that the cumulative exposure to ultraviolet light over a person's life span is the single most important risk factor in cataract development. People who live in high altitudes or who work in bright sunlight, such as commercial fishermen, appear to experience cataract formation earlier in life. Glass blowers and welders without eye protection are also at higher risk.

Some tips on how to care patients after cataract removal:
1,) For 24 hours, limit your activity to sitting in a chair, resting in bed, and walking to the bathroom
2.) Do not rub your eye
3.) You can wear your glasses
4.) Do not lift more that 5 pounds (the weight of a gallon of milk)
5.) Do not strain (or bear down)
6.) Do not sleep on the side of your body that was operated on
7.) Take your eye drops
8.) Report any pain that is unrelieved, redness around the eye, nausea or vomiting
9.) Wear eye shield to protect your eye.

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