May 3, 2011

Easter stained glass and Jesus statue

I thought of sharing this beautiful pictures I took of some of the interior designs in our Latin mass church. Here is a beautiful stained glass of our Lord's resurrection to heaven. And here's a life sized statue of the Sacred heart of Jesus. Somehow, this church is the only good and religious looking church I have ever been so far while living here in America. Though its a sacrifice for us to go there 2 Sundays in the month in a 1 hour and 30 minutes trip, we still love going to this church at Saint Anthony's in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.


  1. That stained glass window is a work or art. Awe inspiring.

    Here is my Tuesday Link:
    Face in the Barroom Floor

    I'd really like to have you stop by if you can. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. Beautiful stained glass window--a lovely piece of inspirational art. That you travel that far to go to church is a testament to your dedication and commitment to worship. Mickie :)

  3. What a beautiful window. I adore stained glass, and this is a really lovely one.

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  4. beautiful window in stained glass!

  5. Ang dami mo nito sis, ako nahihiya magpicture sa simbahan hehehe

  6. So inspiring... And I am sure that church is huge thanks for the comment

  7. I love visiting beautiful churches and this really is stunning.

    Thanks so much for your visit, but I cannot post comments with links. I had to delete four today. :-( Urls are all right.

    Thanks for the visit.

  8. Wonderful Texture work!
    Glad to have found/followed you...

  9. Thank you for discovering, and sharing with us this artwork on stained glass.