April 24, 2011

Where in the World?

It was more than two years now that I have attended the Extra Ordinary Form of the Mass or the Tridentine Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. This Mass is said in Latin language. In our place, it has no scheduled time in any of the parishes in our diocese. So, we have to request from the Bishop in the Diocese of Tagbilaran to provide us a priest to celebrate it for us. As soon as a priest is being designated, he will inform us of the scheduled time and place of the Tridentine Mass. Since this is a requested Mass, our group will be the one to give for the stipend of the priest. What we did is to look for sponsors so we can generate the amount needed. One day, I visited one of the sponsors which was my former Home Economics Teacher, 47 years ago. Upon entering her house, I enjoyed looking at the various pictures that were hanged on the wall. Until my eyes catch the attention on one of the frames. I went closer to the frame until I recognized that it was an umbilical cord. I read the labels on it. It was the preserved umbilical cord of his son who is now a priest and her daughter, a licensed registered nurse in the Philippines. When I talked to her, I told her, how nice of you that you were able to preserved these. Then I told her, Where In the World you can find this very rare treasure. I further asked her, how come you were able to get the umbilical cord. She told me that during her time, she can request her ob gyne to hand over to her the umbilical cord of her new born child. One of her friend told her to keep the two umbilical cords closer so that her children will be close to each other and not quarrelsome to each other .Then she preserved it and kept it in her overnight bag. Until one day, she happened to open her overnight bag and she was surprised that the umbilical cords were still there. She told her son, the priest that their umbilical cords are still intact. The priest was amazed to see his umbilical cord as well as of her sister. The he came to the idea of having it placed on a frame. My former teacher is very much proud of her son's idea. If only I have seen this frame when I was still single, I should have imitated my teacher and my friend.

baby remembranceUmbilical Cords inside the frame

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  1. That is really a memorable remembrance. How I wish I did it for George but I think I throw it away. Hope I can do it for my second baby. :)