April 6, 2011

Spring time means cleaning time

Yep, it is that time of the year again. My schedule is going to be much more busier in my household this month for Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to have general cleaning. It has been a rough winter last year, lots of below zero temperature days and I could not open the windows nor clean as much as I could. I kept on throwing up because of the mixed odor inside our house, this odor carries mixture of dust in the air because we are using dry heat to warm our house. Its presence was still inside our house even though I used a fragrance spray called Febreeze and I am afraid to mess up with the dust in our vents because our windows has to be closed. But now, I am happy because there are warmer days during the Spring and I can open all the windows in our house. The vinyl tiles in our bathroom upstairs need to be cleaned or maybe replaced because they are peeling out from the wooden floor and getting old and ugly. All the floors of our house, except the bathrooms, are carpeted and they need to be refreshed and shampooed for it has been three years now that we have not apply carpet shampoo and the vacuum cleaner does not take out the stain nor the odor in our carpet.

I wish we could just hire cleaning professionals for cleaning and shampooing our carpet like the shampoo carpet cleaners austin, or for fixing our old and ugly vinyl tiles in our bathroom upstairs such as vinyl tile cleaning austin, or for removing all the dust in the air inside our house like the home air duct cleaning austin does. Somehow, I wish they were from Pennsylvania because I heard online that they are the best steam team in Austin, Texas. I wish I have more money to just pay a professional, but for now, I will clean up the easy ones first and call a professional if the job is too hard for us.

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