April 26, 2011

Shopping online for cool spring and summer outfits and accessories

I have been stalking a lot in online stores lately as I am looking for trendy and cool outfits for this Spring and Summer. Most of my clothing does not fit me anymore as I am getting bigger in size while pregnant. So now, I will be putting aside most of my small clothing in the dresser as I bought new clothing of bigger sizes.

I thought these dresses are interesting to share here with my friends. These are just only a few of what I am eyeing on as they have bigger sizes but they also have small sizes too. I wonder which one will look good on me after my childbirth this summer. I like dresses the most as they are comfortable and I am used to wear them. I like to wear blouses that are thin especially that its getting warmer these days. I also like to wear skirts too.

I found these trixxi dresses in become.com and I think one of them will fit me as a dress for my second baby's baptism occassion. The leather backpack purse below would be useful for my husband as he needs a new bag. And the cute sandals below is one of their gianni bini shoes selection where its just what I need for my feet as it would be a nice flat shoe wear for pregnant women like me.

And last but not the least, I fell in love with this skirt and these two blouses. Its designs are just unique and has a taste of being classic. I just loved this. So much so, I am still waiting for their online sale days. I love buying online if I find things on sale or in good discounts.

How about you, have you been busy shopping for trendy spring and summer apparels lately?

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