April 16, 2011

Remembering Mama Contest

Recently, I am attracted by the idea that Lo Sigrid, a fellow Filipina mom blogger, who posted her blog contest page in Pinay Mommies Community Facebook wall. She is inviting bloggers of any ethnicity, to make at least a short tribute note to our Moms in celebration of Mother's day this coming May 8th, 2011. I am touched of her simple yet great idea so I can also write a sincere tribute to my Mom. It has been so long I have not seen my Mama's face for like 3 years now. I miss how she treat my siblings and I as little children although we are grown ups. Sometimes it annoys us but we understand that that is how she wants to get our attention. Though I may be many many miles away, we call each other at least once or twice a month now because we are tight in money. And also, in this simple note, I want her to know that I still have her, here in my heart.

This is me and my "Mama" in Alona Beach resort in Bohol, way back in July 2007. Hubby took a picture of us. "Mama" is how my siblings and I, and also my husband, address to her as our mother. She is the oldest out of the four children in her family. I admire her a lot because she has full of vigor during her teens and adolescence. She tells us her stories during her youthful days that she has been a good leader in their SK. She has traveled to some different regions for being sponsored, and garnered lots of medals and ribbons as she maintained good grades from Elementary to High school, and was also recognized as Magna Cumlaude in her College days. Unfortunately, her family cant afford for her board exams so she studied another college program that led her to get a good stable income by being a government employee. She was the bread winner in our family. She was able to let my siblings and I study in a prestigious private and Catholic school in Bohol. We wished to be like her, to receive medals and gain some school recognition, but unfortunately, none of us did. What is more amazing is that she did not let us down in spite of that. She is always there for us during our ups and downs, letting us know that she is always praying for us and giving us positive outlook of life through her deep and religious faith about God. Some people say, I am my Mom's duplicate. How I wish I am, but she did more accomplishments than I do.

She had an early retirement and has been unemployed six years now. We witnessed her downs as she gets older. We just tried to lift her feelings up when she feel lonely. She really wished she could have another job so I could finish college, but God has different plans for me as we see it. She gave me spiritual support to whatever God has plans for me. We go to the chapel, pray novenas together and visiting many churches.Until one day, my husband came, well, its another long story. She does not want me to get married at an early age but as she saw my husband and I in our developing relationship, she gave me my own freedom and blessing to get married after I know my husband for two years. We also had our fights, oh I do not want to let her feel down in those days because of me. But later on, we ask each others forgiveness and we talked and thank God for the Holy Spirit that heals our broken hearts during those moments. My husband and I helped my brother to finish college. And the only one left now is for our younger sister to finish college. My Mama and I talked about blogging a few days ago and she sounds very interested of having a domain blog of her own so she could also earn online and help my younger sister to finish college. I am hoping that their computer gets fixed soon in their house so she could start another blog of her own. She has started blogging with me in this "Seasons and Seasonings" blog since last year, and you can see her book reviews, inspirational stories, quote findings and other writings at the categories widget of this blog. So for now, this blog has been one of our strong connections of being online together. To my Mama, "I will always look up to you as my Mama. My family and I loves you and we missed you so much!"

Contest Started by Dindin’s Mama.


  1. oh wow this is so sweet! thanks so much mommy mel, you are my first entrant! :D

    Remembering Nanay

  2. I LOVE this PIC sis eheheh ang sarap ng SMILE mo dito heheheh :)

    GALING naman ng mom mo! ;D

  3. My mom is also into blogging now. I really wish my blogging earning are enough so she can retire soon.

    You can view my entry here:

  4. the picture of you and your mom says a lot:) so nice..

    my entry also is up at Insights..hope you can visit too!