April 6, 2011

Missing my nursing days

I will share one of my treasured memories in the past of being a nursing student. Those were the days that I am always exhausted from my school and hospital duties. Our clinical instructors were very strict when it comes to nursing uniforms. At school, we dress up in white blouse and skirt, and the skirt has to be two inches below the knee, neutral skin toned stocking and black school shoes with one or two inches high. At hospital duty, we dress up in a different white uniform with white stockings and white nursing shoes. We also have different uniforms when we will have our duties in the delivery room and operating room and we call those as our nursing scrubs. Boy, those were the expensive days because we have many different kinds of uniforms.

I wish we know where to buy cheap scrubs in those times but our department has to order all our uniforms in one Seamstress. They just want that all the material or cloth of our uniforms has to have uniform whiteness and texture in them. Somehow, whenever I go to hospitals here in America, I am inspired or shall we say nostalgic whenever I see nurses here wear colorful nursing uniforms compared to what I have experienced in Philippines. I even found beautiful selections at Blue Sky scrubs. So much so, here is a picture of me with the group I belong to during our night shift in the Operating room in Ramiro Hospital. You can see our white nursing scrub suits with the top and pants. The moment of this picture was that when we are doing our "After care" where it is a routine for us nursing students to clean and mop the operating room floors and its hallway before going home. I am the one standing on the very right where the blue with black dotted arrow is pointing at.

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