April 18, 2011

Inspired by our local artist - - - part 2

In case you guys wanted to see some Victorian settings and my other posts about going to the local artisan show, you can visit my posts here and here. Anyhow, here are another interesting items I found in the local artisan show:
 Aren't those bottles fascinating? I asked the artisan how he did this and he said he had a machine that would melt glass bottles.
 Very unique art. I haven't seen one like this.
 Some jewelry collection/
 Most were made of precious gemstones and white gold and sterling silver.
 Another jeweler booth. They sell cord jewelry which is practical and affordable materials used.
 An interesting antique plate. I thought I could buy it but it was around $50 dollars.
This is me and the item I bought as a souvenir was inside the bag. You can check it out to my other blue Monday post today here.

I love going to art shows as it will inspire me to do some art stuff too. Hope you enjoyed my pictures guys.