April 11, 2011

GM 1: George, the green shrub and an interesting green plastic plant

I just took this picture of my son when he got fascinated touching and looking at this green indoor shrub inside a church we visited. I do not know what it is but it sure is nice to have one of those someday when our house is roomy. I wonder how they kept those alive indoors during winter time because the leaves are so dark green. It made me think that it is really good to have live plants indoors because they can purify the air too.
And here is also an interesting plastic plant. I almost got tempted to buy this one at the local artisan show last Saturday.

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  1. the plastic plant looks like egg shells. kids are a curious bunch. I let my toddler explore with nature but when she started digging the soil, I have to cringe and stop her.

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  2. George is so curious with the plant. the plants in the last photo look like painted egg shells to me too.

  3. Gene, thanks for dropping by and Mam ross, i touched the plant if its really an eggshell but nope, its plastic.

  4. Painted egg shells nga, since its easter they are using it in connection there...though it has nothing to do with Jesus' resurrection but purely of pagan tradition :D

    I wonder what type of plant is that (the indoor shrub)...


  5. Yes, indoor plants help purify the air inside the house. George looks so fascinated at the indoor plant in a local church. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. that is nice looking plant you got there. i also like to keep a plant in the house first to purify the air and second to cool down the temperature especially this summer..

  7. ay cute yung last ano yan egg?
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  8. Ooh , so adorable. Thanks for joining sis and hope you can join again next Monday.