April 15, 2011

Finding your true self

Today, I am scanning my free email subscription from Ruth Seebeck, our local christian life coach. I am reflecting of what she said about how to find your authentic self. She said there are three ways: the process of constant change and improvement, influenced by your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

There are lots of people that influenced my life. My parents, friends and other inspiring people known in the world that I try to examine myself from their lives and success. I realized that I should not force myself to be like them because each one of us is unique. I may have some of their traits but there is always a different me that I can call my real self. I can hear and receive positive and negative remarks from them about me, but then I realize that its not the end of the world about it for me. I have to choose to believe on my inner self than what other people say about me. They can be my inspiration and I can be the person that I want to be. It is important to change also, for the better, not for worse.

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