April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Bonding

We attended the Holy Mass for Easter Sunday which started at 10 pm and ended at 2 am on Easter Sunday. The Holy Mass lasted for 3 hours as there were a lot of scripture readings. There was also Baptism within the Holy Mass for around 50 candidates including infants. The last 1 hour was scheduled for the so called "Sugat". This is the term for the meeting of the image of the Blessed Mother and the image of Christ resurrection. There were 36 young girls ages between 7 to 12 who acted as angels. They sung religious songs for our Lord Jesus Christ Resurrection.

After the activity, we arrived home at around 2:15 am. I never knew that my young brother has a plan to go to the beach. He arrived in our house at 6 am. I was still very sleepy when he invited me and my kids to have a beach celebration for Easter Sunday. I was hesitant because I was not prepared especially for the food. Anyhow, my two kids were very much interested so I accepted the invitation. To my surprise, I never expected that he invited our brother and his wife, a seaman, with ischemic stroke My younger sister and her family was also present. The only person missing was my husband, George.

From being passive, I feel very excited because for 25 years we have this family bonding on Easter Sunday. What a gift from God. The beach we were in was just a simple beach for common people like us. It was a public beach located in Maribojoc,Bohol,Philippines , 3 kilometers from our house. There were no entrance fee. What I like in the place are the two big Talisay Trees which cools the place. It is overlooking the Tagbilaran City wharf and the mountains of Maribojoc. The seawaters are clear as the seabed is matted with small circular stones which are not harmful to our feet. We took the pictures below for our remembrance.

With green T-shirt is my daughter, CecileAnn together with her cousins.
Picture taken on top of a stone
Left to Right- Cecile Ann, Jojie, Clarisse, Badiday, Mae and Dalila. At the back is my son-John Anthony. Sitting are: Denden and Clint Joseph

Left to Right - Me (Marina), Dodong Godofredo, my brother with Ischemic Stroke, Dalila his wife, Badiday wife of Crisologo, next to Badiday is Crisologo, my younger brother, Jojit, husband of my younger sister and then Mary Hazel, my younger sister.


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  1. Wow, the group is complete! Looks like you had a reunion there, Ma. :) So happy to see our relatives in their recent pictures. Amazing how time flies by so quickly. I miss them!