April 6, 2011

Do not underestimate your thoughts

Sometimes, because of being so busy in life, it is so hard to pay attention with your thoughts. My husband said, a woman's mind is like the computer pop up windows but men does not think that way. We are too different. I was struck by what he has said. I think its true for me too because I am used to multi tasking but some of my tasks remain undone. Until one day, though this writing has been staying long time in the towel hanger in our bathroom upstairs, it hammered my own reflection to what has my husband said and the saying goes like this "A Man works from sun to sun...Womans work is never done". I laughed. And because of that thought, that clever thought, it made me felt stronger that I have to get things done. It gave me a challenge. How about you, do you take a moment of your day to ponder on your thoughts?

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