April 3, 2011

Believe, and all things will be possible

I received this email every month from Ruth Seebeck. She is a local life specialist where you can run to her to be coached professionally in life when you seem having trouble how to manage it. I have been writing what are my realizations from her inspirational thoughts of life in this blog long time ago and now its time for me to get back on that. Sorry guys for neglecting this blog. Its just that I hope to find information that really interest me and that I can share it to you.

"The process is simple. Consistency is the key.
To change what you believe requires you
to think and speak differently –
to focus on your desired result,
not the current situation."

I was struck by the quote she quoted above. We all know that we believe in one thing in life that keeps us going. But sometimes, due to unexpected trials, we feel trampled down. We should not indulge ourselves to the information that the media  gave us. We should not live life according to what the media says to us. If we move to a much more infinite good for our mind to settle and believe on like leaving it all in God's hands, we sure have something to hope for rather than believing all things to be a disaster in end. If we are consistent to what we believe on, it has a power of its own to lead us either towards goodness or bad. Which direction do you want to choose?


  1. Yes, as the Bible says, all things are possible to him who believes. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Thanks for visiting here Sir Mel.