July 31, 2010

Enjoying Presque Isle beach in Lake Erie peninsula

Last June 29, 2010, we went to Presque Isle beach in Lake Erie peninsula, PA. In the picture above is one of the hisctoric marks where Commodore Perry had his U.S. battleships assembled to fight against British war. We went biking for 2 hours by the time we arrived there. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes from Warren, PA to get there. My skin look burned in these pictures as it was a very hot sunny day. George seemed not bothered by it because I made sure he had the sunscreen lotions as his delicate skin is not thick as mine.
George seemed to be happy in these times. He liked the fountain nearby and walked on the side of this giant fountain monument.
After our biking, we went swimming to the beach. They have natural light brown sand there. Brings back memories to me when I was in Philippines after I stepped on the sand beach. The scene was like in the beaches in Bohol, but the water is not salty. George didn't like it though. He seemed to be so afraid of water. At least he got his first dip and maybe next year, we'll come again and teach him how to swim. The board in my background of this picture is a true map of the Presque Isle peninsula. At first, I thought of it like a picture of a gallbladder (and I don't know why,lols).

I think this is one the best shots that my husband took of the dramatic sunset that day. It was not that distant on how this picture look like. The sun was super big and very red and the orangish tinge of cloud background of this picture was supposed to be pink to purple and the sea blend in with a pastel blue color. It was just magnifiscent scenery. And I love to go back there again, someday.

The Law of Success Part 20

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The Slavery of Debt (cont'n.)

Thousands of young men start their married lives with unnecessary debts hanging over their heads and never manage to get out from under the load. After the novelty of marriage begins to wear off (as it usually does) the married couple begin to feel the embarrassment of want, and this feeling grows until it leads, often times to open dissatisfaction with one another, and eventually to the divorce court.

A man who is bound by the slavery of debt has no time or inclination to set up or work our ideals, with the result that he drifts downward with time until he eventually begins to set up limitations in his own mind, and by these he hedges himself behind prison walls of FEAR and doubt from which he never escapes.

No sacrifice is too great to avoid the misery of debt.

"Think of what you owe yourself and those who are dependent upon you and resolve to be no man's debtor," is the advice of one very successful man whose early chances were destroyed by debt. This man came to himself soon enough to throw off the habit of buying that which he did not need and eventually worked his way out of slavery.

Most men who develop the habit of debt will not be so fortunate as to come to their senses in time to save themselves, because debt is something like quicksand in that it has a tendency to draw its victim deeper and deeper into the mire.

The Law of Success Part 19

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The Slavery of Debt

Debt is a merciless master, a fatal enemy of the savings habit.

Poverty, alone, is sufficient to kill off ambition, destroy self-confidence and destroy hope, but add to it the burden of debt, and all who are a victim of these two cruel task-masters are practically doomed to failure. No man can do his best work, no man can express himself in terms that command respect, no man can either create or carry out a definite purpose in life, with heavy debt hanging over his head. The man who is bound in the slavery of debt is just as helpless as the slave who is bound by ignorance, or by actual chains.

I have a close friend whose income is $1,000 a month. His wife loves "society" and tries to make a $ 20,000 showing on a $12,000 income, with the result that this poor fellow is usually about $8,000 in debt. Every member of his family has the "spending habit", having acquired this from the mother. The children, two girls and one boy, are now of the age when they are thinking of going to college, but this is impossible because of the father's debts. The result is dissension between the father and his children which makes the entire family unhappy and miserable.

It is terrible thing even to think of going through life like a prisoner in chains, bound down and owned by somebody else on account of debts. The accumulation of debts is a habit. It starts in a small way grows to enormous proportions slowly, step by step, until finally it takes charge of one's very soul.

Join Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest

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July 26, 2010

"Don't let the sun set on your wrath."

I was reading my marriage book consultant the other day, Letters to a young bride by Alice Von Hildebrand. Me and hubby got some misunderstandings and I even blew up that I hurt his feelings so bad. I shouldn't have done that but I just can't keep my disappointments any longer. I woke up last Sunday, before taking a bath in our bathtub, I still noticed that it needs fixation because it won't drain the water. It has been two weeks now and it's still not fixed. Then when I asked him that morning to change his rubber shoes because they are so dirty and we are on our way to going to church. In my mind, I want him to look descent. And he reasoned that if he wears the old shoes, the wing tips, his tendons will hurt again. I just blew up when we got inside the car. Telling him that he doesn't listen to me. While at church I was trying to keep my anger down. And we went home we talked about it again. He also told me that I don't listen to him. I don't keep up in washing laundry and etc etc, I explained to him that I am trying the best that I can do to keep the house clean and orderly but I can't do it alone if he is not cooperating well with me too. I apologized to him, I just want him to be more active rather than to be passive about the things he noticed. I wanted us to be a team. He told me that he is hesitant to ask me. I request him to please, make a request to me. There are lots of things that's on my mind and I didn't mean to ignore him and the things he needs. I want to help him. I admit that sometimes, I can notice what he need like the shoes, he needs combing his hair, I do want to take care of him, and there are times that I can't notice what other things he needs because I'm doing other things like cooking, feeding the baby, washing dishes and laundry that takes not a single day to finish. He expressed his needs to me, that he needs more lunch box, and he wants the holes in his pockets to be sewed. My poor husband, he is such a baby. After we expressed our needs and how to ask request to another, we felt like we need to start over again. It felt like a relief to me, solving a problem together and agree to it. Good luck to us.

About the reflection I got in the book, Alice's advice to the young bride to the little things that irritate her from her husband, "Instead of creating a mental ledger in which you constantly total up with your Wife/Husband offenses, try to dissolve each one of them in your love as it happens. Every night before you fall asleep, try to consciously put away from you the small difficulties of the day so that you can start the next morning fresh. As St. Paul advises:"Don't let the sun set on your wrath"." In moments of imperfections that we notice to our wife/husband, let us turn to the treasure chest of sweet memories we have of the person and try hard to recall word, gestures, acts of heroism which has particularly revealed to his or her true self, his unique beauty.

July 6, 2010

16 foundations to consider your Parent's good parenting

Here I go again, busy sharing what I'm reading and thoughts that gave me wisdom. I read an inspiring thought from Lisa T. Bergen's book called "Life in Planet Mom" that there are 16 foundations to consider a couple's Parent's parenting. It is important to know them so we can recognize the good and bad sides of it so we as parents can solve any unhealthy patterns that might interfere in our family's health. We should consider how our parent(s):

  • disciplined, taught, guided, conveyed love, expressed emotion, corrected behavior, rewarded, established boundaries, expressed faith, provided security, protected, dealt with frustration, cheered, connected, empathized, and modeled health
...and what's not. How our parents succeed in those? How did they fail? And, How do you want to do it differently, or better?