December 1, 2010

A wishlist for Christmas

Yay! December is here and its time to think about presents. Well, I already thought and bought my presents a few months ago for my family in Philippines. I am glad that it arrived well there last month and they are planning to divide it on Christmas day. I already sent my brother the money he needed for his schooling and some money for their Noche Buena last week. I have two siblings and my mother is unemployed and my father is a security guard there, so I want to make sure they get a good Christmas celebration too. My hubby and I are quite tight in our money now because of the accidents plus we are expecting another baby. Overall, I just lift these burdens up to God and He will be the one to do the rest. I do not work so we can not send thousands nor millions of dollars to my family either. I am just glad that my husband is very understanding enough to carry my burdens.

My husband is not particular to the practical things he need. He is not a handyman either. I try to pick up manly things for him, but later on, I found them unopened nor used. So, I learned my lesson that I will buy what he really wants. He wants cds and music stuff that are his Amazon wishlist. He likes arts stuff too. I think he really wanted to have that GIMP book in Amazon which is around $66. He is very much into computer stuff and I guess I can buy that for him as a special material Christmas present. I also bought him 2 new jackets that I bought online last Black Friday sale. I was able to save $20 and a free shipping for a total of $80 for both jackets in He is very picky when it comes to jackets too. He always wear his old jacket which is around 8 years old already and so many wear and tear in it. I kept on telling him we have to buy him a jacket, but it kept on being put off because we are too busy. Now, I got my chance and I can not wait to see him with it when the packages arrives soon.

Me, I usually liked to be surprised before, but now, I learned my lesson not to anymore. I remember my brother in law gave me a big frozen fish, wrapped in a gift wrapper during the Christmas day. While I was opening it, it was cold, wet and smelly, I do not understand what I felt when I saw what it was, I felt mixed humiliation and surprised about it. So I told them, give me a nice DVD movie or something for winter clothing. There are times that I get ambitious in my wishlist in my other posts, but theres nothing wrong to wish for those big things right? If they do not come to me, so be it. I am praying to Baby Jesus that I can save a good amount of money so I can also visit my family in Philippines with my kids after 3 years from now. That is my simple wish next to this wish above all, good health and happiness to our family and loved ones.

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  1. Hahahaha natawa ako dun sa frozen fish lol.. Sarap nun iprito lol.. Dami mong kita sa blogging so ayang kaya mo ang wishlist ni hubs mo sis.

  2. Ako naman as long na meron akong padala sa mga pamilya ko sa Pinas,ok na ako kahit wala for me.So baba ng kaligayahan,but just imagining their happy faces opening the packages that I sent for them,I'm happy na^_^

    Merry Christmas,Mommy Mel!Congrats to your new camera!

    Thanks for dropping by at my CC entry dear^_^

  3. You have long wish list too, sis. ehehe. mabuti ka pa nga may gift na para kay hubby mo. ako e wala pang pambili. =(

    my entry is here...

    God bless you all!

  4. WISHING is free, girl! WISH BIG! if you don't get it, then, WISH AGAIN! lol!

  5. sa simpleng paraan ntin maipapakita ang tunay na kahulugan ng pasko, di sa rangya, kaya bless u more for asking more love from hubby and happiness for ur family here.

  6. Ay hoo nga, bakit naman frozen fish ang regalo sau? hehehe.. Ang hubby mo pala parang si hubby ko rin, kahit super luma na ng gamit, ginagamit pa rin, damit, or jacket, minsan nakakainis kasi ayaw magsuot ng bago, mukha tuloy laging gusgusin. anyways, tayong mga pinoy naman lagi nating inaalala mga family natin sa Pinas di ba? yungmabigyan natin sila ng kahit konti lang masaya na tayo kasi alam nating masaya sila..