December 4, 2010

Spiritual Reflection

I got this from one of my readings. It's nice to share this with my readers of this blog. I hope you like it.

When St. Louis Bertrand, of the Order of St. Dominic, resided at the convent of Valencia, there was a young Religious in the community who attached too much importance to profane science. Doubtless letters and erudition have their value, but, as the Holy Ghost declares, they should yield to the fear of God and the science of the saints. "There is none above him that feareth the Lord." This science of the saints, which Eternal Wisdom came to teach us, consists in Humility and Charity. The young Religious of whom we speak, while but little advanced in Divine Science, allowed himself to reproach Father Bertrand with his little knowledge, and said to him, " One can see, Father, that you are not very learned!" "Brother," replied the saint with meek firmness, "Lucifer was very learned, and yet he was dammed."

The brother who committed this fault did not think of repairing it. Nevertheless, he was not a bad Religious, and some time after, falling dangerously sick, he received the last Sacrament in very good dispositions, and expired peacefully in the Lord. A considerable time elapsed, and meanwhile Louis was nominated Prior. One day, having remained in choir after Matins, the deceased appeared to him enveloped in flames, and prostrating humbly before him said "Father, pardon me the offensive words which I formerly addressed to you. God will not permit me to see His face until you shall pardoned my fault and offered Holy Mass for me." The saint willingly forgave him, and the next morning celebrated Mass for the repose of his soul. The following night, being again in choir, he saw the deceased brother reappear, but radiant with glory and going up to Heaven.

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