November 8, 2010

Seasons and my Life

I was touched by the email I got today. It is from Ruth Seebeck, a Christian Life coach. I was able to hear her as a speaker when I attended Mothers of preschoolers in our area. And I am glad that I was able to subscribe her email to receive wisdom and  inspirational thoughts. I just thought of passing my insights here in this blog.

She spoke of "Seasonal change" about the weather in her area lately. She then compare and contrast that seasons happened to her life as well. I was moved by that, since the title of this blog is about Seasons and seasonings. My Mama and I agreed about it a couple days ago and she wanted the old title to come back instead of the new title that I changed a few weeks ago. Anyway, that is how I reflect my life too. It's a series of Seasons. There are spring and summer times, like the successful achievements and happy moments that happened to my life. There are Autumn and Winter times, like the struggles and whenever obstacles come to my life. The seasons helped me reflect of how my life is progressing. It also helped me to be patient on its changes.

How about you guys, do you feel the same way too?

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  1. One thing I am sure of, whatever season that may come in life. God is always there Sis Mel... right?