November 30, 2010

Pondering a dream

The other day, I woke up panting and remembering a dream. I dreamed that I was in my Uncles house in Bohol. It was raining hard, very hard with thunder and lightning. My family is in one room, we grouped together because we felt cold and the wind was strong. Suddenly, there was a sound of broken glasses and plates in the kitchen. When I went there, I saw a small head of a snake. But it went creeping inside, it saw me. Its body grew longer and bigger. A yellow snake with black prints in it. I ran to the living room, I told my family to flee to our neighbors house. Let the snake aim to me. Then I went out, wet and raining hard, I ran and ran, and when I looked back, the snake was fast catching up to me. Then suddenly I flew on the top of the electric pole. The snake is trying to climb. I said to myself, hey, I can jump this high, so I can jump to the top of those high gates of our neighbor. The snake is getting pissed. It curled like a spring and tried to jump high as it can. There was a jeepney, that I thought it might hit snake, but the snake was able to get away from it. Still eyeing on me. I jumped to the roof of our last neighbors house. I was tired, cold and wet, catching up my breath because I jumped too high and long distance. When I looked back, the snake was already in font of my face. Its mouth opened wide, very big mouthed for a small headed snake. I went inside its mouth in a charging position, then I remember how Captain sparrow killed Kraken in Pirates of the Carribean movie II. Then I remembered some sword fight in Kung Fu movies, I felt I had two swords in my hand. I slashed with the swords and divide the snake into two. All of a sudden, I woke up. It's Sunday, thank God, No  paper route. But man, what a dream!

Have you woke up one day remembering your dream? My mother used to interpret my dreams. She said, if I dream about snakes, it means someone is in deep envy to me. I can not think who. But I hope, who ever he or she may be, hope we can meet and spend fun time together for a while.

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