October 4, 2010

The Sun and Its Task as Manufacturer of Vitamins

Who will be able to live without the sun? How sad this world would be if the firmament were all clouds! The earth lacks "something" when the solar rays charged with mysterious energies of life, do not shine on men and animals and all nature with all its trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and herbs.

Is it only the salute it wants to give to the earth that the sun shine day after day? Or does it continue its restless appearance yet" for another better end?" Surely! Since the light sent by GOD gives strength to all living things on this earth, whether they be men, animals or plants. All takes "something" from the sun. Even the air and the very atmosphere always need the solar light which gives life so that they do not become paralyzed in their work as carrier of the very important elements of life, like OXYGEN.

Should the sun cease to appear, the consequences are lethal. The earth would freeze, there will be no oxygen, all vegetables will dry up and all living things will perish. All this is due to the mysterious "Something" that will disappear if the sun will not shine. We should like to call that "something" energies of life. These God-given solar energies of the life are transformed to SUBSTANCES OF LIFE, as we like to call them as they penetrate vegetables and other products like berries, fruits, and cereals.

Science calls these substances "vitamins." There are various kinds-- 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E'. etc.

Vegetables, fruits and cereals contain vitamins but not always in the same amount. Some contain vitamins that are completely lacking in others. The percentage of their contents of vitamins can be distinct. From here it is clearly seen that solar energies of life in their development to diverse kind of "substances of life" (vitamins) depend also on the material in which they penetrate. God placed everything in its proper place, and everything has to do its predetermined work. Here we again see the wonder of God.

Without these "substances of life" life could not exist for a long time, whether it be of vegetation or of life in general, of men and animals, neither could the earth continue to exist if the sun placed by God as the mother of light, "of heat" and "of the energies of life" which we call, THE DISTINGUISHED MANUFACTURER OF THE SUBSTANCES OF LIFE (VITAMIN) , will not shine.

All countries without exception, punish thieves and assassins. But not one country punishes food manufacturers (who are always inspired by the prospect of gain) who add chemical products into fruits and vegetables and in the process remove their natural substances which are developed under the manufacturing power of the sun. What the manufactures do no explain to the buyer of their food products is that they eliminate the natural substances of the fruits or vegetables derived from the sun. In their attempt to make the rice look as white as possible, they grind, peel and polish the rice and separate the husk from the grain. In the preparation of food cereals, the substances are further removed in the process of cooking. What many do not know is that there is nothing to be gained by adding too much hot and prejudicial spices to food. When cooking stew, cover the pot well so that the substances are not wasted away.

Civilized man eats more than necessary, in effect over working his intestinal digestive organ. Instead of introducing 50 to 70 grams of protein daily, the majority take double amount. Instead of eating only 50 to 60 grams of greasy substances, everyday they consume 100 to 150 grams. Such eating pattern causes damage to the body METABOLISM and results in the formation of GALL STONES.

Lack of vitamins causes poor health, inflammation in the mouth, hard and stiff articulations, hemorrhage, scurvy, decayed teeth, irritability, lack of vigor, and retarded growth.

Vitamins should be taken immediately. They are found in the juices of orange, lemon, raw cabbage and tomato.


  1. very informative post you have here yotch....agoy una nalang kaha ang life kung walay sun...:)

  2. Daghang salamat sa pagshare...

    Labay lang ko...

    - Noypi here

  3. Yes, the sun is the giver of all life in a particular solar system. Not only the sun. The Lord provided the soil from where all vegetations live and He gives rain and dew to sustain the life of plants. The end of all life in a solar system starts when the sun implodes and begin to die in cataclysmic convulsions. Thanks for the educational post. God bless you all always.