September 10, 2010

Remembering September 11th

I got  my email subscription from Ruth Seebeck today. She talked about how to value life and see how blessed you are that you're living today while others didn't make it since the first plane hit the World Trade center. Why not take a moment to remember and pray for those poor victims this Saturday? If you see someone in uniform, why not take a moment to thanks them for their service that they offer you protection? Why not thank God for giving you a precious life, living in this world? Let us pray for His divine love and protection over our nations, especially America and to all our loved ones.


  1. I saw a program here in Bio how they missed that flight, it was really so sad for those people who were in that flight, sayang lang at di ko napanood lahat kasi we were in a hurry na to get out in the hosue

  2. Hi there, kahit na hndi nangyari dito ang sept 11 still its memorable pa rin .. Prayers for the victim and sana hndi na maulit. Btw, thanks for always visiting my blog =)