September 28, 2010

Parent Talk Book Chapter review #1

"By carefully choosing and using words and phrases that build self-esteem and encourage self-responsibility, you can help your children become more capable, caring human beings." ~ Chick Moorman, Author of Parent Talk Book.

 I am a novice mom of a toddler. I want to learn ahead on how to raise my child (and his future siblings) in a way that our communication is active and rich with good values and results good behavior. I am mindful of what personality will my child learn and grow up to. I want to avoid my negative personalities that may bring him harm or grow up resulting bad behaviors.

The common learning that I observed as a starting mom is that all parents should be "Good" role models to their children. No matter how simple and easy to think and say that, still, it's a challenge to do it. My impatient side do come out, so quickly that I might just shout "No! Don't do that!", "That is wrong!", "You are a bad little boy!". Sometimes, if the misbehavior of my child is too heavy for his age, there comes my "1-2-3 spanking". My MIL observed me and says, "But he is still a baby." I still hold on to my own right, as a parent to teach my child that he will notice what he has done is not good. If he cries, I let him cry. And once he's calm down, I hug him, tell him what's wrong with his actions and sometimes I sing Hail Mary or Salve Regina. There are times that my other me (the Confuser side) says, "Hey! Will your child really learn from his actions that he's too baby to understand what's he doing?"

I know, that is a weird thought. But what I believed in my actions is that I'm doing this for his own good.

I know, for my part, I am not good enough. I am still a beginner in parenting. I know that there's still lacking in my actions. I want to seek and to learn those good parenting skills. I want to apply the ones effective for my child. And so I thought to journal this online, the things I will learn from this book called "Parent Talk: How to Talk to your Children in Language that builds self-esteem and encourages responsibility By: Chick Moorman".

As I was reading the introduction, I learned her technique is different from mine. She use the power of "words, phrases and sentences" as a strategy to parenting. She hopes that this book will help parents and guardians to become more conscious of the words to use---and aware of the power to weild when using words that praise, nurture, and empower as well as words that scold, shame, and criticize. There are 291 pages, and the contents has 11 chapters that will touch about Choices, Response-ability, The search for solutions, Learned Helplessness, Praise, Criticism, and Self-Esteem, Parent talk at its worst, Intimacy, Feelings, Increasing conflict, Reducing conflict, and the Odds and Ends. This really got me interested and so I want to digest slowly each chapter of this book.


  1. I always learn different things in dealing with my kids everyday sis.. Sometimes I doubt my capacity to be a mom lol.

  2. chubskulit Me too. Will read parenting books sis, sabay tayo in learning :)