September 30, 2010

Couple corner: What do we want to each other?

I agree with Mami Liz's talk in Couples corner, that living with someone is not easy, there are lots of adjustments. Patience, understanding and compromise is needed so things will work out to for us and that our relationship will remain stronger as time goes by.

When me and my husband new each other way back in 2005, we discuss many things about ourselves and it was a slow process. It's like having autography wherein you seek likes and dislikes of a person, but in a serious and loving manner. Our relationship grew from frienship for 5 months and after that, he courted me and waited for my answer on my birthday. My answer is quite obvious, isn't it? I told him, "I sensed that you're a very serious guy. I bet you're a perfectionist." It's not that I want a perfect guy, I like the way he handle his seriousness. He also didn't asked God to be a rich guy. All he wants is to remain stable in his job as a senior computer programmer and that he will be able to provide his own family's needs.

I was strucked in his first letter he wrote that he has a dry sense of humor. I even told our friend who bridged us, about that. But she just laughed. And she told him about it and that led him to ask his friends as witness about his humor that although there's that dryness, there's still humor from it. They emailed me that he's a funny guy. The poor thing really wants to win. But in our phone and chat conversations, he is serious and sometimes funny. For me, I don't have a problem about that. I don't know if I'm a joker myself, but many people say that I'm a joker and so funny. Ok, when I'm writing, I'm serious. But if I talk face to face, I can be serious and I like to mingle with other people in a funny and courteous manner.

I want my husband to stay the way he is right now. I mean, what he has inside---his humble heart, religious faith, money saver, patriot to his country, kind towards others, responsible and loving husband and father. I want him to love me after God. I want him to be a good father to our little pumpkin. I want him to stay good in his job. I want to be happy till death do us part.

I do have some frustrations. I want to be a good housewife to him and good mother to our children. I want him to know that "He is my HERO". "My knight in shining Armor". I mean, not the glamourous type of super hero or prince, but I do admire his principles in life. I want to support him with all that I am.

One other thing that we discussed today is that we want him to lose weight. We are struggling hard about what to do about it. He gained a lot after we got married. It's probably because of my cooking. But I still want to support and encourage him to lose weight rather than criticizing his actions. I will try not to criticize. Dang, it's so hard that winter is coming soon and hiking or exercising outdoors will soon be closed. I want to be stern and supportive in his aim to lose 30 lbs before he turns 45 years old. I want him to stay healthy and live long time with us, his family.

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  1. Wow! so did you prove na may sense of humor ang hubby mo? masaya kasama kapag funny ang tao, boring kapag serious hehehe. I match my husband's sense of humor, kaya bihira kaming mag seryoso. Pareho rin kaming gastador kaya wala kamign ipon, poor kami, wahhh! all I can say is, you are such a lucky gal for marrying your hubby and being the father of your son. He seems to be a great man. Keep him, hehehe..

  2. Mommy Liz, I will and I do! Opposite kami ni hubbz when it comes to humor. :)

  3. I was so touched by this post. You write from your heart and your readers could feel the intense emotions brought about by your great love for your hubby and your son. I know you will make your relationship last a lifetime and beyond because you have such great and unconditional love. As for your desire to reduce the weight of your hubby, tell him to drink 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbsp of honey in a glass of cold water after every meal. This will flush out the fats in his body. Tell him to just eat fruits and vegetables and avoid meats and carbohydrates and drinks lots of liquid especially fruit juices to flash out toxins from his body. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Mel, the health of our husbands are our most concern, right? That's why we want them to stop smoking/lose weight...

  5. Magkakasundo pala sila ng asawa ko,pareho silang humorous^_^
    Magaling ka kasing mag-alaga kaya lumaki cyang masyado--10 kilos naman ang tinaba ng asawa ko.You're so lucky to have the best partner in life dear!

  6. Hello Sis! It's nice to have you as my friend here! Thank you for taking time to visit neophyte blogger like me! I know you have this already but I also would like to give you this award!

  7. this is a very touching post. it shows your deep love for your hubby and how much you want to take very good care of him..

  8. wow...thanks for sharing your story yotch...parehas diay sila ni programmer sad si banana nako...pero dpa senior...dugay na diay sya sa iyang work?

    btw, na notice nako nga mahilig ka sa palda....I used to have lots of skirts when I was in high school...bawal man jud sa amo skul mag pants...ehehehe!

  9. Lol sometimes when my husband joke around, I wont laugh because actually I didnt get it ahahhahaha