August 3, 2010

What can a 14 month old baby do?

Our little guy in house just turned 14 months old yesterday. We were surprised that he did a few steps on his own, he was walking four steps back and forth towards me and his Daddy. Boy, he sure does stand a lot these days, he can do it for long time while hanging on to furniture. And oh, he has been busy taking down the stuff above the tables and ripping out our wallpapers. How I wish we didn't have a wallpapered house. He even chew on the torned papers and my gosh, I made a sign of the cross for him because I thought he's choking. He can now do a high and low five, clap his hands and responds when his name is called. I've been trying to teach him the ABC's and 123's but he laughed at me when I do it. His Dad laughs at me too. Well? This is how we teach a child, we should go down to his level.

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