August 30, 2010

Mnemonics: What is Depression and how to alleviate it?

I just stumbled reading again my nursing notes. Since depression is so common to people, here's what I got for it's brief synopses and some interventions on how to lessen it's occurrence:

D - ependency. People who are depressed have low self esteem.
E - ncourage to write. Like writing a blog for example. Lot's of people online are always ready to hear you. It's a  way of expressing concerns.
P - rovide nutrition, hydration, sleep and proper medicine.
R - estructure activities and environment. Join social gatherings or go to a park and enjoy nature.
E - CT (Electro convulsive therapy) in severe cases, done by a medical person.
S - upport system. One has to encourage somebody who is depressed. One can be encouraged in a group activity.
S - uicidal and homicidal tendencies. Check to see if the person has these tendencies.
I - ntrojection is their self defense mechanisms. The person has the tendency of blaming himself.
O - ffer structured activities of daily living. Offer a lay-out for daily activities.
N - ever appear so jolly and happy when attempting to help or giving interventions.


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