August 5, 2010

Digesting Time Management - - - Part 1

Well, here's another interesting book I've read today, Time management for Catholics by Dave Durand. I just grabbed the book from my Husband's computer desk because I felt the need to have a time management mfor myself. I read Chapters one to three in this book.

How Harried are you?
The author of this book provided nine questions related to the question above. It helped me digest and realize how much of my time is eaten up by unnecessary things. I answered yes to the questions below:

  • Do you find it hard to relax because you keep thinking of everything you have to get done? I don't know, it always pop up in my mind and sometimes I wander away of what I'm doing because I need to do the other thing.
  • Is your desk or work area piled high with papers? Well, not papers but lots of stuff because I'm afraid that my little guy will tear them.
So much so, these are the questions that struck me. There are more questions in the book but none of them struck me so much, like the following:
  • Do you put off important tasks (or even unimportant one) and then have to rush to get them done?
  • Do you accept responsibilities and do things when people ask you, while inwardly groaning about the added drain on your time?
  • Do you often arrive late to Mass, as well as to work and social engagements? Not often because we usually have to wake up early and travel 1 hour and 30 minutes to St. Bernadette's when it's Saegertown Sunday mass and yes, we got late once or twice a month if it's St. Michael's church Sunday for us.
  • Do your daily responsibilities cause you mental and physical fatigue? Well, I always stay at home so my mentally and physically I get moody because I felt like a prisoner in the house but then it will be gone afterward because I can lay myself in our couch or bed to rest or sleep.
  • Do you put off prayer because you're too busy with other things? For me, when I encounter somebody who needs prayers, I pray silently during the moment I am heartily touched so to prevent forgetting about it.
  • Do you turn on the TV and flip channels of habit. Well, we don't have TV but we watch movies together once or twice a week in my FIL's house.
  • Do you stumble across notes telling you to do things - long after the deadline has passed? I don't put notes in sticky notes, I use a notebook.
The author said that if you are say yes of the four questions above, then you need to take stock immediately and begin to manage your time better.

What's really obligatory?
At this chapter of the book, I realized that I should go back to myself in writing my "Thing to do list" everyday in my notebook. It doesn't have to be a diary but short notes and check them when I got to fulfill them in the day.

What is your mission statement in life?
My mission in life is to love and honor God and to worship him all the days of my life. I pray that may He sink down to my soul so that I will have the grace and wisdom to whatever I do and think. In his grace, I will remain committed to my husband and raising my children to love God with all of their hearts.

I find my self-esteem raising after I realized on how to digest my time management. So how about you? Have you got time to digest your time management lately?

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