August 18, 2010

Couples Corner: When we want something

Hi fellow moms, welcome to my third blog. I was enjoying reading Mommy Liz's host entry today.

When he wanted something, and I don't easily get the hint, he raise it up gently during our conversations. He always want to get my opinion first, like watching movies for example. If I refuse it, he agrees though he really want it, especially if we went to his parent's place to watch it and the time includes going home late at night and it doesn't fall on a Saturday. He is also frugal and wise in spending money.

When I want something, Hubz easily gets the hint. Like for example, I'm really worried of something, then he suggests directly if it's time to buy or get that something done. Like this new laptop I got last Monday, I thought of buying a new one instead of spending money to let other people fix it. I mean, our laptops before are windows xp and even though we already have a high speed internet, it's still slow and his laptop is running on linux right now which I really don't know to operate. As what I've said a while ago, he is frugal into using things, but me, I'm the one who's demanding when it comes to important things like the computer. I just told him that the blogging earnings I got a few months will serve the half the payment of the computer we bought, but he insisted to pay it from our bank savings. Oh well, I didn't want to explain any further to him as long as I told him on what I can do, he has his own plans. When it comes to money, we measure it according to budget and discuss on how to cope up with the expense later on. I gently demand things to him though because I don't want to abuse his gentleness and kindness. Sometimes I feel guilty if I should really talk to him the things that depressed me. But I just tell him those things, and vice versa. We always believe on Honesty is the best policy and helping each other as a team.
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By the way folks, here's a song by NINA that I'm dedicating for you all. Hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. now lang ako napasyal dito sa site mo a. i am following it na. you're lucky that you have a very kind husband. iba ang nationality nya but he understands you and he loves you so much.

  2. You are absolutely right, Honesty is always the best policy. Mahirap ang nagtatago especially about money. ako kasi lahat ng expenses ko nakikita ng hubby ko at kami eh naka banking online. and at the same time, alam ko rin kung saan napupunta ang gastos nya. Frugal din hubby ko, but if he wants something bad, he has to get it. Tayo naman kasi eh kahit ano lang gusto nating bilhin, hehehe..naku ang kita ko sa blog, di naman nagtatagl, naipapadala sa family sa PInas, hasus!

  3. That's a beautiful song by Nina who sings from the heart. Your hubby loves you so much that is why he is sensitive about your wants and needs. Although both of you grew up from different countries and culture, he tries to understand and accommodate you in whatever decisions you make in life. You are truly blessed to have him in your life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. awwwwww...our hubby's have same thing in common...ehehehe..demanding jud ning mga lang...ehehehe!