August 18, 2010

Be not the "Prey"

"The severe truth is, Satan hates your marriage and makes its destruction a nearly daily aim."

I just thought of passing along the wisdom and passages from the book that inspired me today. I read Gary L. Thomas's book "A year of weekly devotions for couples". My heart got strucked and my mind got reminded again of the quote above. I have heard so many married couples these days who have gone separated after having a long married life, mostly, after 10-15 years. Like in this book that I've read, physically; some couples separate because one is flirting with an office mate, viewing pornography, getting so busy that they have little or no time to work on their marriage, and spiritually; refusing to forgive, holding a grudge, neglecting to build spiritual intimacy.

"A married couple's relationship is the inner fortress in a cosmic spiritual battle. This fortress is not limited to just a man and woman; it also protect the children who result from that union. Even more than that, it protects generations of grandchildren and great-granchildren, who will be influenced by their ancestors."
 I felt sorry and depressed about their situation. And so I took time to evaluate my married life with my husband. We are married for 3 and a half years compared to them. Life has been tough. We have been through misunderstandings and arguements. But then, I steal myself to never be anxious about material things, instead, I have to strengthen myself to be vigilant in my prayers to God, that He'll give me the wisdom so I will know what to do especially in nurturing my married life and that it won't lead to destruction like other couples are experiencing. Hearing other people having troubles in their married life alarms me. There are time's that there's nothing I can do for them but to pray for their spiritual strength no matter what happens. 

Reflection: "Flush out all of it today, Ask God to give you a forgiving heart, a loving heart, and a pure heart. Keep moving forward toward your spouse. Ask God to close any doors you have foolishly left open. Guard what God has given you; give Satan no place to enter."

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  1. The surefire prescription to have a quality and long lasting married life has always been the same since time immemorial- make God the center of your marriage and it will surely last. For if God becomes the center of our life and marriage, everything will revolve around that fixed focal point in our life. We will not betray the trust of our spouse for by doing so, we will also betray the trust of God in our lives. We will not want to hurt our loved one for we will be also hurting God in the process. If our entire life revolves around God, then our lateral relationships will also become perfect for they will be based on our love for God. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.