July 31, 2010

Enjoying Presque Isle beach in Lake Erie peninsula

Last June 29, 2010, we went to Presque Isle beach in Lake Erie peninsula, PA. In the picture above is one of the hisctoric marks where Commodore Perry had his U.S. battleships assembled to fight against British war. We went biking for 2 hours by the time we arrived there. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes from Warren, PA to get there. My skin look burned in these pictures as it was a very hot sunny day. George seemed not bothered by it because I made sure he had the sunscreen lotions as his delicate skin is not thick as mine.
George seemed to be happy in these times. He liked the fountain nearby and walked on the side of this giant fountain monument.
After our biking, we went swimming to the beach. They have natural light brown sand there. Brings back memories to me when I was in Philippines after I stepped on the sand beach. The scene was like in the beaches in Bohol, but the water is not salty. George didn't like it though. He seemed to be so afraid of water. At least he got his first dip and maybe next year, we'll come again and teach him how to swim. The board in my background of this picture is a true map of the Presque Isle peninsula. At first, I thought of it like a picture of a gallbladder (and I don't know why,lols).

I think this is one the best shots that my husband took of the dramatic sunset that day. It was not that distant on how this picture look like. The sun was super big and very red and the orangish tinge of cloud background of this picture was supposed to be pink to purple and the sea blend in with a pastel blue color. It was just magnifiscent scenery. And I love to go back there again, someday.


  1. awwwwww....ka nice sa mga pics....:) happy go lucky man diay ning imong ulitawo sis....:)

    btw, nagpa ipok diay ka sa imong hair? ehhehehe!

    sensya na jud tawon karon lang ko ka duaw...busy kau akong life tawon dire....

    oo, d nako taga Cali karon....taga texas nako from now on....lol!

  2. your husband captured the sunset so well, good job...

  3. your baby is so cute!!!