July 6, 2010

16 foundations to consider your Parent's good parenting

Here I go again, busy sharing what I'm reading and thoughts that gave me wisdom. I read an inspiring thought from Lisa T. Bergen's book called "Life in Planet Mom" that there are 16 foundations to consider a couple's Parent's parenting. It is important to know them so we can recognize the good and bad sides of it so we as parents can solve any unhealthy patterns that might interfere in our family's health. We should consider how our parent(s):

  • disciplined, taught, guided, conveyed love, expressed emotion, corrected behavior, rewarded, established boundaries, expressed faith, provided security, protected, dealt with frustration, cheered, connected, empathized, and modeled health
...and what's not. How our parents succeed in those? How did they fail? And, How do you want to do it differently, or better?


  1. All parents know about these things but sometimes limitations due to their own personal problems or because of deep seated angst in their heart, they may sometimes stumble in some aspects of these criteria. Nevertheless, all parents try to do their best for their children. Thanks for this informative post. God bless you all always.

  2. pretty well said sis...thumbs up!

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  4. This is a very good article sis.

    Whew, nabusy ako from hopping into your four blogs hahaha. anyhow, I added all of it in my Nostalgic Marveling blogs and followed all of them too. Thank you so much for the Gift