June 18, 2010

How do you describe a married life?

I've been reading again the "By Love Refined" book by Alice Von Hildebrand. In this book, she gives her enlightening wisdom to a young bride in forms of compilation of letters. She has her own way of writing this book that way but all of the topics discussed are really full of heart healing thoughts of wisdom as one encounters the beginning of a married life.

As a reader, she taught me as well on what to do with my married life after the first honeymoon is over. I wanted to share to my readers as well, her inspiring thoughts of how she describe a married life:
  • Marriage is a great thing: the most complete, the most intense, and the beautiful relationship between two human beings.
  • Marriage is a risk-a "deed of daring" (as Kierkegaard said). The wife or the husband, have the power to create an earthly heaven or hell. It's no secret that marriage can quickly become hell for spouses. Humanly speaking, a great love between husband and wife can also be the deepest source of happiness this side of heaven.
  • "Marriage is a remnant of earthly paradise" (According to the author's husband). 
  • Because of human imperfections, difficulties crop up in marriage, even between the couple who love each other deeply. Love is a gift, it must also be learned, especially as you try to relate it to your daily life which isn't lived in a fairy tale castle but in the midst of everyday pressures, problems and trials.
  • No outsider or institution can guarantee that you and your husband/wife will achieve joy in your marriage. You'll have to face the problems of marriage yourselves. Success won't depend on exterior circumstances, but on your own inner attitudes: "are you both willing to fight the good fight for your marriage, trusting your mutual love, strengthened by grace, will achieve victory in spite of the tempests that threaten every human undertaking?
My head is being knocked down by those wisdom that Alice Von Hildebrand is sharing in her book. Now I'm passing this chapter as a meditation to those who are married or just about to get married in this life.


  1. Yes, the points that the book raised are all valid points. There is an easier way to preserve one's marriage and to make it last a lifetime and even beyond. Make our Lord Jesus Christ as the center of our marriage, even the center of our lives, and we can be assured that our marriage will surely last. The love of God for us and the fear of the Lord and our love for Him will transfer in our own marriage and we will see it for what it really is- an institution God created to achieve His grand purpose for all of us here on earth. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always. BTW, Happy Father's Day to your hubby and your father too.

  2. what a nice post about marriage. i need the insights as i am trying to be a good wife to my husband and yes- it can be difficult at times.