April 13, 2010

Where does beauty come from?

Have you heard about the book called "Chicken Soup for the Soul"? When I was in high shool, this book really helps me get motivated when I do not feel like doing anything. I go to our local library and read it there. Anyhow, I am so happy that I got a copy on one of its sequel. It has about, "one hundred one stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit". It is written and compiled by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. It is a compilation of stories. There are some stories that are not of my liking, but other stories from it, really made a stirring happiness in my heart. It is also consist of six chapters with lots of stories that are very nice to meditate. One chapter of it was about "love", consisting of 23 stories. And one of its story that was love inspiring, was about a hunchback man named Moses Mendelssohn. He fell in love to a beautiful maiden named, Frumptje. The lady was really bothered of his hunchback. But the man tried his very best in approaching, and to make friends with her. One day, he asked the lady if she believe that marriages are made in heaven. She said she believed, and so, the man told her a story how God told him about his destiny. He said, God told him that he is going to have a wife, but his wife is going to have a hunchback. He said to God that a woman's appearance is a tragedy if she has such ugly posture, and so he begged God to let him have the hunchback instead. And from that time on, the lady looked at him, they made friends and later on accepted his hand for marriage. They then got married and became devoted to each other.

I am quite impressed of how this story went. I thought its not true, but, it is true. These couple did exist in their days and has experienced "True Love". Well, the man, though he has a misshapen appearance, he was gifted with wit. And the lady, who got a chance to accept him or not, then later became his true devoted wife. It made me think of the saying that goes, "Beauty is not from outside appearance, but what from what is inside look like", to every person. Have you ever expressed love to your loved one, especially to your husband today?

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