March 10, 2010

The Law of Success Part 9


The supreme mystery of the universe is life! We come here without our consent, from whence we know not! We go away without our consent, whither, we know not! We are eternally trying to solve this great riddle of "LIFE", and, for what purpose and to what end?

That we are placed on this earth for a definite reason there can be no doubt of any thinker. May it not be possible that the power which placed us here will know what to do with us when we pass on beyond the Great Divide?

Would it not be a good plan to give the Creator who placed us here on earth, credit for having enough intelligence to know what to do with us after we pass on; or should we assume the intelligence and the ability to control the future life in our way? May it not be possible that we can co-operate with the Creator very intelligently by assuming to control our conduct on this earth to the end that we may be decent to one another and do all the good we can in all the ways we can during this life, leaving the hereafter to one who probably knows, better than we what is best for us?

From birth until death the mind is always reaching out for that which it does not possess.

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