March 15, 2010

The Law of Success Part 13

At every crossroad of Life the imps of Discontentment stand in the shadows of the back-ground, with a grin of mockery on their faces, crying out" Take the road of your own choice! We will get you in the end.

At last man becomes disillusioned and begins to learn that Happiness and Contentment are not in this world. Then begins the search for the pass-word that will open the door to him in some world of which he knows not. Surely there must be Happiness on the other side of the Great Divide. In desperation his tired, careworn heart turn to religion for hope and encouragement.

But his troubles are not over; they are just starting!

Come into our tent and accept our creed," says one sect, " and you may go straight to heaven after death." Poor man hesitates, looks and listen. Then he hears the call of another brand of religion whose leader says:

"Stay out of the other camp or you'll go straight to hell!

In the midst of sectarian claims and counter claims poor man becomes undecided, until Hope vanishes.

Always seeking but never finding----thus might be described man's struggle for Happiness and Contentment.

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  1. Good post - definitely makes you think.