March 14, 2010

The Law of Success Part 12

The young man receives a salary sufficient to keep him and his family fairly comfortable. Then comes a promotion and an advance in salary of a thousand dollars a year. Does he lay the extra thousand dollars away in the savings account, and continue living as before? He does nothing of the sort. Immediately he must trade the old car in for a new one. A porch must be added to the house. The wife needs a new wardrobe. The table must be set with better food and more of it. (Pity his poor groaning stomach.) At the end of the year is he better off with the increase? He is nothing of the sort! The more he gets the more he wants, and the rule applies to the man with millions the same as to the man with but few thousands.

The young man selects the girl of his choice, believing he cannot live without her. After he gets her he is not sure that he can live with her. If a man remains bachelor he wonders why he is so stupid as to deprive himself of the joys of a married life. If he marries he wonders how she happened to catch him on guard long enough to "harpoon" him.

And the god of Destiny cries out " O fool, O fool! You are dammed if you DO and you are dammed if you DON'T.

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