March 13, 2010

The Law of Success Part 11

Happiness is just always around the bend; always in sight but just out of reach. Life is never complete, no matter what we have or how much of it we possess. One thing calls for something else to go with it.

Milady buys a pretty hat. She must have a gown to match it. That calls for new shoes and hoses and gloves, and other accessories that run into a big bill far beyond her husband's means.

Man longs for a home-just a plain little house setting off in the edge of the woods. He builds it, but it is not complete; he must have shrubbery and flowers and landscaping to go with it. Still it is not complete; he must have a beautiful fence around it, with a graveled driveway.

That calls for a motor car and a garage in which to house it.

All these little touches have been added, but to no avail! The place now is too small. He must have a house with more rooms. On and on, the story goes, ad infinitum!

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