March 3, 2010

The Law of Success Part 3

Success in life is largely predicted upon our knowing men.

To know others, not as they seem to be, but as they really are, study them through:

1. The posture of the body
2. The tone of the voice, its quality, pitch and volume
3. The eyes, whether shifty or direct
4. The use of the words, their trend, nature and quality

Through these open windows you may literally "walk right into a man's soul" and take a look at the REAL MAN!

Going step further, if you would know men study them:

- When angry
- When in love
- When money is involved
- When eating (alone, and unobserved, as they believe)
- When writing
- When in trouble
- When joyful and triumphant
- When downcast and defeated
- When facing catastrophe of a hazardous nature
- When trying to make a "good impression" on others
- When informed of another's misfortune
- When informed of another's good fortune
- When losing in any sort of a game of sport
- When winning a sport
- When alone, in a meditative mood.

Before you can know any man, as he really is, you must observe him in all the foregoing moods, and perhaps more, which is practically the equivalent of saying that you have no right to judge others at sight.

Appearances count, there can be no doubt of that, but appearances are often deceiving.

An old farmer always used to wind up his prayers with this plea: " Oh God, give me an open mind!" If more people followed his example they might escape being hamstrung by prejudices. And what a pleasant place to live in the world would be.

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