March 3, 2015

Enjoying the Leaptag Interactive World map

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I mentioned that I am homeschooling my 3 year old. I must admit that the attention span of boys at this age is very short. It makes it difficult for me to divide my attention sometimes to two boys when we start our homeschooling. I am glad we bought fun supplementary activities for my Preschooler. One of it is this Leaptag Interactive World map. He is holding the LeapFrog Tag Pen in this picture. When he touch that pen to the pictures in the map, it will make a sound or a tour guide will talk and help him explore the map. It's really cool! He spend lots of his time on this thing plus other things that he can use with the LeapFrog Tag pen while I homeschool his brother.

4 General Tips for Home Remodels

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If you're remodeling your home, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are just a few tips for making sense of the madness and keeping everything on-task and on-budget.

1. Do Your Homework

How will your renovations affect your property value? Will they run afoul of any zoning laws?

March 2, 2015

Happy Hubby

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It makes my heart feel warm every time I see my hubby smiling and happy. My kids and I cheered for him as we try our best to make him feel special on his birthday in January. We love him so much! My kids and I prepared the birthday banner and I drew some silhouettes of the things that he likes to do. He likes computer codes, playing the piano and he's a G.K. Chesterton fan.

He has lots of favorites aside from those. He said it's nice to feel loved by his family. His brother made him his favorite homemade stromboli and I made him his favorite German chocolate cake. This picture is at my Mom in law's house where we celebrated his birthday.

February 28, 2015

Valentine love

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My husband knew me too well. Winks. He surprised me with these yummy goodies this Valentines. I love chocolates and he got me this dozen Belgian Rose chocolates, Ferrero Rocher and Turtle pecan caramel clusters. I shared the goodies to him and to my kids. We all enjoyed it.

Man, those Raffaello white coconut chocolates were so good in this set. You can't get those if you don't buy this set of 3 flavors.

I love this heart shape box. It's so cute! The treats inside were so delicious!

These are stunning chocolate roses. They were hallow on the inside. The taste of Belgian chocolates is so good!

My kids and I gave him Valentine goodies but I forgot to take pictures. We have been so busy in the previous months. I even felt like a newbie in blogging. Our homeschooling is also doing ok. I am focusing on  teaching my 5 year old with a good curriculum. My 3 year old gets his share of homeschooling too but we didn't follow a curriculum for him yet.

January 3, 2015

Glimpse of my Sister

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This is my youngest sibling in our family. She has grown so much especially in being so smart and taking new responsibilities. She never fail me in lifting my spirits up. It's true that being sisters, we have our share of sorrows but we always have each other as shoulders to lean on. She is a very outgoing sibling. She quickly get more friends than I do. Smiles. She has talents in drawing, singing and playing the guitar. Like my brother, she also likes basketball. She hopes to pass the board exam this November. My brother and I are helping each other to save money for her reviews and exam.


This is my sister. She is currently working as a call center agent.


 It's so nice to see her surrounded with beautiful and awesome friends.