July 21, 2014

Birthday Cake creations

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I had fun making my kids birthday cakes. I didn't have time to browse the internet for ideas. I asked my husband to give me an outline of a Godzilla to pipe in my 5 year old's cake (He requested a Godzilla in his cake) and I just made a simple dark chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting for my 3 year old. I made the buttercream icing and cake (except the one with Godzilla in it) from scratch. The cakes are arguing who is delicious in this pic but to my family and friends who tasted them, they said they are excellent. I like that both of them turned out moist too. I'm proud to apply the baking and icing skills that I learned from my Wilton cake decorating class October last year and April this year. I also made cupcakes last month. This month, I took a course 3 class in Cake decorating. It's all about fondant and gum paste stuff. It's difficult but the efforts are rewarding. I can't wait to bake and decorate my first fondant cake!

Play Violin

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Do you know how many types of violin there are? I'm sure the experienced violin player would know. But to a person like me who likes to learn new things, I found out that it's types has different categories such as size, time period and genre. I thought there is only one violin type, but there are so many of it out there. The most popular one though is the classic orchestra wood violin. Violin is one of the instruments that I would love to learn how to play someday. I read that it's hard to play and that's why I kept putting it off. I envy those friends who can play it. Buying one is not too bad as I saw in second hand stores, they cost around $50 for a classic wood violin. It's tempting! How about you, do you play violin?

My Sister's Graduation

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My sister's graduation took place in April. It took me a while to post this as there are lots of things that happened in my schedule 3 months ago. Anyhow, I keep looking back at this beautiful moments of my dear youngest sibling. I'm so happy that the 3 of us finally have a college degree and in Nursing too! I love my family and I miss them! Our long distance makes me sad sometimes but it's God's will. My sister got a performance art award in her Nursing batch. She is a very talented sibling of mine. She has passion in Music (I'm jealous!). She knows how to sing and play the guitar. She wants to learn how to play the piano someday. She is now working at a Call center agency in Philippines. I'm proud of her and my brother that they survived living in Cebu city together, the second metro city in our country. I will keep praying for them to have continued success in life.

June 26, 2014

Strawberry picking

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My kids and I enjoyed our strawberry picking this year. It's our first time to do this together and I'm glad it turned out alright. The kids are ready to know whether the strawberry are ripe or not. It was raining before we went to the local farm so we ate some strawberries on spot (making sure there's no dirt outside the strawberry). Man! It was delicious! It was not hollow on the inside and the taste was sweet! Went home with 6 pounds of strawberries and I paid $12. Not bad, huh? It's nice that we can support our local farms this way. I remember buying some in the store before that, and they sometimes have cheap prices but the strawberry is hollow on the inside and when you eat it, it's tasteless. Must be different variety but I'm glad the ones we picked are so good!

How about you, do you like to eat strawberries? Have you tried strawberry picking too?

May 27, 2014

Grandma is feeling Better

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I took this pictures last week during our visit to my husband's Mom who got hospitalized. I remember she was taken by a 911 ambulance from her house after my brother in law and I couldn't get her up after she fell on the side of her bed early morning. She was on her knees when I got to her house and she's groaning in pain. My heart couldn't bear her suffering but I tried my best to really help her up and alleviate her knee pain. After she was brought to the Emergency room, her doctor finally decided to confine her in the hospital to treat her bladder infection which triggered her heart failure episode. The doctor explained to her exam readings that her heart is getting weak and she needs rest and antibiotics to treat her infection.

My husband and kids were sanitizing their hands at the entrance of the hospital lobby to visit Grandma.

She was taken to a room in CCU (Critical Care Unit). I can see my Mother  in law consoled after she saw her Grandsons. My kids are worried what the hospital is doing to her as they saw lots of tubes and computer connecting to Grandma.

Little G is sad in this picture because he is wondering why Grandma has lots of tubes. I explained to him that it's helping Grandma right now to make her feel better. We are also consoled looking at Grandma that she's smiling. We felt that she will feel alright soon. We kept praying hard. We want her to stay with us longer. Just this Sunday, we're happy that the doctor finally decided that she is looking a lot better and not having complications with the antibiotics he's giving to her. She got discharged and we assisted her to be comfortable when she got to her house. We're so happy that she got to celebrate Memorial day with us today. And she's happy that she got home before the boys celebrate their birthdays this first week of June.